Is a site designed to help young programmers CPGE – EST – ENSAS – BTS – OFPPT – ITSA and engineering schools in: C ++ C ++, Python, Java, C #, Arduino, assembler programming (8086) ( 6809), Pic, networks, systems and other interesting topics in computer science. The site offers the most commonly used corrected exercises in supervised homework and preparatory class exams (CPGE), technology colleges (EST), BTSs and  ISTA. It offers several exams and examinations proposals in networks, linux and proprietary systems. Safimen puts at your disposal some practical achievements in embedded systems (arduino, pic) and other current topics.

1. the number 1 exercise list

C and C ++ language:

  • parity, factorial

  • maxi and min of a number

  • pgdc and recursive and iterative ppmc

  • multiplication table, Ackermann function, leap year Following Fibonacci, Perfect Numbers

  • First Number, Armstrong Number, Square Root Calculation

  • Pointer, Paschal Triangle, Matrices, Dichotomy Search

  • magic square, copy and concatenate chain, stacks and queues

  • trees, polynomials, class point, rectangle, employee, studentFriend

  • function: friend functions, Inheritance: derived classes, abstract class

  • class Formpassing by reference by value and by address, class point with operator.

 Java :

  • class used as modeled

  • derived class inheritance

  • polymorphism, class abstract

  • some exercises in graphical java

  • Events (ActionListener)

  • Thread etc …

 Python :

  • first and second degree equation

  • decimal binary conversion

  • decimal to decimal octal conversion

  • recursive and iterative factorial

  • power calculation, integer part

  • sorting and selection, decomposition of a number palindrome chain, Conway

  • suite Fibonacci, lambda function Bisection, Secant & Newton Raphson Method

  • view the stars determinant calculation of a matrix

  • coding cesar, class: maxi_mini_len_strip

  • sort_joint_split_count

  • Class Rotate on the right and left of a list

  • Talkhys numbers, Plotting curves

  • sine: matplotlib, matplotlib.pyplot: subplot

  • python – pyplot: loglog () based on e.

2. the number 2 exercise list

Pic :

The site safimen.com has designed for you an Android application to download play store named microcontroller pic 16F84 that does not require internet to help you write programs in MikroC. you will find exercises with simulations under isis proteus: motors, light shows, digital clock with alarm clock and adjustment, simulation of interruptions and eeprom memory.

Arduino :

  • line follower, sun project

  • remote control by

    • remote control.

    •  Wireless .

    •  bluetooth.

    •  scripts in C and php language.

The Networks :

www.safimen.com is a library of exams and homework with correction proposal.

proprietary systems :

safimen.com offers you the opportunity to test your knowledge in server configuration techniques on Windows and Linux.

No need to search wrongly: safimen.com will be your faithful companion during your study



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